Monday, March 5, 2012

Greg Cook reunited with dog after twister

You never know when tragedy will strike but last week
tornado's ripped through Alabama again destroying homes
and making many homeless.  

As a animal lover and advocate my heart breaks every time knowing 
just how many animals will die and suffer due to this kind of weather. 

On that day Mr.Cook's home in Athens Al. was totally destroyed.
He just knew his dog had perished but he found  Coco hiding in the house hoping his master 
would find him. 

I came across the photo of Greg and Coco on the front page of Yahoo
and immediately posted it on my facebook wall it immediately received over 
800 comments and thousands of likes and shares. 

My heart broke for Greg and Coco because this image became 
the horror and the symbol of what so many Americans was facing 
on that terrible day March 2,2012
I received a huge request to help Mr. Cook and Coco so I began a fundraiser
and as of today have raised over $1700.00 
I was able to talk to Greg today by phone and told him about the outpouring 
of love from people from all over the world .I don't know if he realized just how viral his photo 
had become thanks to Gary Cosby Jr. the photographer at Decatur Daily. 
Greg also wanted me to tell everyone how thankful he is to you all. He said
he didn't know there was so many caring people left in the world
and he is truly grateful to you all. 

I will be driving up to Athens this coming up weekend to hand deliver
the donations and will be glad to video our meeting so you all can see.

If you would like to help Gary and his wife you can send donation here 

Thank you all 

We raised  over $2,400 for Mr. Cook
we delivered the donated funds to him watch it here

Greg and Coco on People Magazine