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After the loss of my Bassethound Babyboy in 2008 I learned that I was not the only one dealing with a terrible loss and that so many shared my pain. So after a long 2 year battle I decided to pick back up my jewelry making hobby that I had stopped so many years before. I soon learned this was one hobby I dearly missed.
So within 2 years what started out as making a few things to help out some animals in my community has reached a lot further then I ever dreamed.
Last year I came up with a idea that I wanted to design jewelry for grieving pet owners something they can keep with them and it be a remembrance piece they can cherish so I started designing Rainbow Bridge Keepsake bracelets for grieving pet owners. Its very rewarding to know you can bring comfort to someone in so much pain. I know this feeling all to well read Babyboys Legacy Here . Today I have many happy and satisfied customers who support me and my cause for animals. 

Supports rescues and donates jewelry throughout the year to different organizations to help with vetting cost and the care of rescued animals. 

"Info I will need when  doing a  special request order"
Color Beads
What kind of design are you requesting -
Memorial-Rainbow Bridge loss of a pet  design or a non memorial one. 
Breed- what kind of animal you have.
What kind of charms you would like it to have
Fancy or not so fancy
Price range if you want me to keep it under a certain amount.
Your size wrist 
Time limits - Let me know if you need it done by a certain date. 
I can add a lot of little extras to my bracelets so make sure you look through my albums to get a idea of how you want me to design it.

As of March 2013 I require half down and the remaining balance to be paid before I mail it. I had to make this change due to special orders not being paid for after I made them. 

Price's can vary between designs depending on availability   of dog charms. Some are much harder to locate then others. I try to keep as many on hand as possible. Prices on charms  can vary depend on what its made out of so some might cost a little more then others. 

I use all different kinds of beads to create my designs except plastic and I never use that.
I love using the hand blown glass beads they are the prettiest but can also be the most expensive.Most all of my customers have requested I just make it and every time they have loved what I made for them. I haven't had one complaint about how it was  made.So I guess my record is good so far but if for some reason you do not like it I want you to let me know because I want you to be completely happy. So unless you are picking everything out in detail before I begin I'm going at it blind folded sorta speaking.  Okay back to pricing - Prices vary on beads but I try to use the best beads possible because I want you to love your bracelet. 

(BROKEN OR CRACKED GLASS BEADS) On arrival of your order if you have any glass beads that are cracked or chipped please notify me immediately so I can send you out a replacement . Again this issue has not come up yet but I figured it may in the future. I also can sell you extra beads depending if I have them available  so if you think you may need any down the road make sure you ask about purchasing them when placing your custom order. 

I use a variety of different charms and bead spacers in my designs. So far so good because most everyone seems to like them. Now on the hanging charms I use. Lately I have been adding charms that I personally hand paint. This process can take a lot of time but I like the way it makes the bracelets look. So if you dont want to have any painted charms in your design please let me know before I get started. (Also a note on painted charms- If for any reason you have a issue with a charm that has been painted within a month please contact me and I will take care of it. ) I haven't had any issues as of yet but just in case I do I wanted to add that info. 

Keep in mind these are not Pandora quality and they are not true silver bracelets. If they were the cost would be so much higher. If you already have a Pandora chain your charms and beads can be swapped over to it. I try to pick out the best quality stuff at reasonable prices so I can keep the cost at a minimum.

I have had some issues with wrist size on custom orders and I'm still undecided on what would be the best way to handle that.
The way these bracelets work is they are one size before you add the beads and a smaller size once you add everything to it so its kinda a guessing game with the Pandora style bracelet. So how I have handled this issue when its come up is ,If your bracelet does not fit I will send you either a bigger size or a smaller size all I ask is that you pay for the shipping cost and mail me the other one back. Most of my customers already have a Pandora chain they use and just want new beads and charms. 

When you are ready to pay and we have decided on how you would like me to create your bracelet . I will give you a total cost and you can either send half the payment either by mail or If you use Paypal I take payments that way also. 

I have many satisfied customers and if you need anyone to vouch about my credibility or my honesty  just ask I wont mind at all . Also if you want to speak to me over the phone feel free to ask and I'll be glad to send you my number.

***There are no refunds on custom/special orders.***
Custom orders take a lot of time as well as communication time to collect all info regarding the piece you want me to make for you. I do not give refunds on these items due to the amount of time it takes to create your piece. If something is broke or missing I will correct that issue right away.Before I mail your bracelet to you I will send you a photograph of your design to confirm you are happy with the way it was designed and to verify if your happy with the choice of beads,charms ect. I have used to create your bracelet. .


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