Sunday, August 29, 2010

For 18 years she was my companion

Losing your best friend is very hard. This is me and my pookie and also my snooky. I adopted pookie back in 1992 she was just a pup. I had no idea that she would be apart of my life for the next 18 years .Wow who would have thought. I adopted pookie because I could not have children or so I thought. Two years later my first daughter was born. In 1993 I was in a car wreck with my former husband and his mom and dad. We were hit by a 18 wheeler at a red light he was going 60 mph and we was sitting still. My mother in law died instantly. I was heartbroken and devastated ,she was like my mother. Pookie was the one I cried to because at that time in my life I felt so alone. In 1994 on mother's day I got pregnant It had taken me 8 long years I was finally going to be a mom.I was so attached I could imagine loving anything more then her but I quickly found out just how much more a human could love. My baby girl grew up with pookie and they played together all the time. I would dress them both up in matching outfits to keep them entertained. At this time I was pregnant again with my second child. Life was good and boy did it go by very fast.
Pookie died in Oct. 2009 the day before her passing I knew it was time she was frail and thin and was to weak to stand. That night I held her in my arms all night long until the next morning. She whelped out in pain through the night. I knew her body couldnt take it no more. My baby was going to leave me know and it was difficult to handle.I talked to her and told her just how much love she gave to all of us and I kissed her.We buried pookie at the home where we all lived together through most of her life . She is resting In Peace under a  cherry tree I planted over 15 years ago. So every spring she will have beautiful petals covering the ground she once use to play.
                                         Me my new baby Courtney & Pookie in 1995

                                                    Courtney & Pookie in 2009
                                                             Me & Pookie 2009

                                                 Snooky saying goodbye to Pookie

We laid our baby to rest , even though me and her dad
are divorced we buried her as if she was a human child on the property
where we all once lived as a family.
Our hearts was broke but we let her go .It was so hard because I have
never had a animal this long. Goodness 18 years I never thought a animal could live that long.