Welcome to Paw's on my Heart 
I wanted to share with you stories about my own experiences as well as stories of people that are devoted to the welfare of animals. I have never seen such devotion among people when it comes to animal rescue its amazing to see. This is a new blog I wanted to start because I wanted to share the compassionate side of rescue and how rewarding it can be. I will cover many different issues on this site along with my true feelings of animal activist v's animal advocates and try to define the difference for you. I will also share with you my most personal feelings about our dog that was shot and killed .I have stayed quiet all this time but now that it is over I can talk about as before I couldnt talk with anyone.

Theres nothing like owning a pet sometimes we have them for most of our life and other times they die as quickly as a new season comes. I wanted to share my experiences with all of you .I also wanted to share with you the heartache of losing animals and how it can effect you emotionally and how to over come it.

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