Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In Loving Memory of Kelly for Susan Loughnane "Rainbow Bridge Memorial Giveaway" (Winner #6)

In Rememberance of Kelly
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My Australian Shepherd, Kelly. 1959-1975. Killed in a home fire. She rose from the ashes to live for another 6 yrs, thanks to the valiant efforts of the San Dimas 
Fire Dept. in southern CA.
                      Kelly didn't require any training. She could read minds! You thought it and she did it. A horse stepped on, and shattered her foot. There was no keeping her down. She would still HAVE to go down the trail for a ride. So dragging her cast leg along, off we would go. And I wasn't the only one that couldn't make her stay home. She had to go with the neighbor too. After my mother's home was arsoned, killing my cat, bird, and Kelly...the firemen worked feverishly to revive her. The next day we walked over to the Fire Dept (down the block) so that Kelly could shake hands with each and every fireman to thank them. I sobbed. I'm sobbing just in the telling of it. She was a great, great dog. One of a kind. Thank you for letting me tell her story.