Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rescuing Angel

Last week I get a call about a little dog that had been injured by other animals in the home and shes pregnant. I go over there to save this dogs life in the mean time never knowing my friend that just lived a short distance would die in a matter of days. I rush angel to the Vets office and save her life. Angel still hasn't delivered her puppies yet but is ready to any time now. The vet is thinking she may lose her leg the injuries she sustained in the fight has just destroyed it. Angel lived at a home where she was breed every time she came into heat. There is no telling how many pups she has had over the last 5 years but this will be her last. Angel is a very sweet dog and is starved for affection .I will spend the next few months with her and her pups and helping her get through this and helping me as well to get through my friends death. Animals have a way of healing your heart they know when your sad and down ,they are so smart.
If you would like to make a donation to help with the cost of vetting and vetting the pups and for Angels leg surgery it is very much appreciated. I truly believe there are reasons for everything and I believe there is a reason Angel is here with me .I believe she will help me through my loss of my friend as I help her heal from her injury's.

Donation button is at the top of page,thanks to everyone for your love and support. 
To everyone that won a Memorial 2 weeks ago I will be sending those out as soon as I can. Im sorry for the delay.

If you would like to make a donation for Angel directly to the vets office here is the info  any little bit helps thank you so much for helping me save her life and those pups life.

10559 US HWY 411
Odenville, AL 35120
(205) 629-5589

Angel had here pups today she has a total of 5 but the vet thinks there is still one more inside her.
Please keep her in your prayers ,the vet will do a c-section today if she does not deliver the last pup. He also said she is having difficulty walking around her newborn pups due to her injured leg. He seems to think it will have to be amputated sometime in the near future .